Areas of Excellence

The Condon Law Firm, LLC was founded by Jacques Condon with a view toward problem solving in the areas of business law,

civil and commercial litigation, and the handling of individual and business disputes.

Business Law

The Condon Law Firm’s business law practice is focused on its individual, core client services. Examples of its business law work including drafting, negotiating and closing contracts for businesses and working professionals.

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Civil Litigation

The Condon Law Firm is a premier Wisconsin-based civil litigation law firm. A civil litigator knows how the court-system works, has experience in- and out-of the courtroom, and can evaluate the merits of a case.

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Problem Solving

Problem Solving means defining the problem, understanding the perspective, developing the appropriate solution, and handling problems that cross-over categories. Rather than compartmentalize, it is meant to rationalize.

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