Appellate Practice

As a Wisconsin Appellate Attorney – Condon Law Firm, works with clients to present and argue cases to the appellate courts.  What does this mean?  In legal parlance, a case proceeds through the trial court until a judgment is reached.  The judgment can be the result of a written finding by the court — such as summary judgment or dismissal — or through a trial decision.  But after judgment, the parties have the right of appeal, win or lose, and an opportunity to have their case considered by a new body of judges.  These are the appellate courts.  Most states have two layers of appellate courts, often referred to as the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.  The federal courts also have a similar structure.

What is unique about the appellate system is that it has its own set of rules and procedures.  The rules are lengthy, and strict. The procedures are time-sensitive. And the appellate arguments are different than those at the trial court level, generally involving review of “errors” by the lower court and “legal” interpretations of the law. As a rule of thumb, the trial court’s follow the law, with the appellate court giving directives to the trial courts as to what the law means.

The role of Condon Law Firm as a Wisconsin Appellate Practice attorney includes legal writing, argument to the appellate court judges, and advising clients as to potential appellate issues (including the likelihood of success). While the trial process is not for the faint of heart given its length and advocacy, appellate practice requires similar time and process advocacy.

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