Civil Litigation

As a civil litigation firm, the Condon Law Firm has a breadth of experience, has the courtroom knowledge and experience to zealously advocate on your behalf, and is positioned to guide you on options, strategy and the necessary steps to prosecute, defend or keep your case out of the court-system.

The Condon Law Firm is a premier Wisconsin-based civil litigation law firm. Civil litigation can take on many forms, including trial, mediation, arbitration. A civil litigator is an attorney that knows how the court-system works, has experience in- and out-of the courtroom, and can evaluate the merits of a case. For nearly 17 years, this is work performed by the experienced legal counsel at the Condon Law Firm.

Contract Disputes

Contract dispute attorney in Wisconsin is a generalized way of saying that the Condon Law Firm helps its clients understand rights and responsibilities under a contract relationship.

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Construction Real Estate Disputes

Construction and real estate attorney representation in Wisconsin takes on many forms, and is where the counsel of the Condon Law Firm can help.

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Professional Negligence

The accusation is generally fact-intensive. The accusation often involves a “long-story”. The accusation usually involves multiple layers of proof and defense.

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Shareholder Disputes

Wisconsin shareholder disputes that require an attorney are where the Condon Law Firm can help. Whatever the situation, the need for an attorney requires the advice and legal counsel of the Condon Law Firm.

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Insurance Coverage & Defense

Insurance coverage work involves the other side of the coin in terms of insurance, determining whether there is “coverage” for an insurance claim and whether an insurance company must pay a claim.

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Appellate Practice

In legal parlance, this means a case proceeds through the trial court until a judgment is reached.  The judgment can be the result of a written finding by the court or through a trial decision.

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Local Counsel Representation

Wisconsin local counsel representation by the Condon Law Firm involves goals, guidance and the experience to get the job done.  Hiring local counsel is done for a number of reasons.

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