Legal Consulting / Document Drafting

Legal document drafting involves two steps: defining goals and drafting to meet those goals. Condon Law Firm’s document drafting legal practice is well-versed in both.

The approach may seem simple but is often abused in the legal field. The most common problem is drafting without clarity, or drafting that hides the goal. What is the document’s purpose? If a business contract, does it define the players and is it understandable? If a submission to the court, opposing counsel or a third party such as the government, does it call for action? Where are the topic sentences? Legal document drafting is part-style and part-approach.

The background of Condon Law Firm includes years of defining both its style and approach. It means working with the client, conveying a message, and the representation of a client professionally, with dignity, and with reputation in mind.

Examples of past work includes:

  • responding to a business request for documentation;
  • drafting business documents for purchases and sales;
  • helping draft landlord/tenant documentation, including lease agreements;
  • drafting professional response letters to opposing counsel

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