Local Counsel Representation

Wisconsin local counsel representation by Condon Law Firm involves goals, guidance and the experience to get the job done.  Hiring local counsel is done for a number of reasons.  The primary reason is to get “boots on the ground,” with an active member of the bar that can zealously represent you and the client through a local presence.  The secondary reason is to get “advice” on a case given the jurisdiction and its laws.  What is local counsel’s experience with this judge?  What is the community like?  What does the law say about this?  While local counsel may not have answers to all questions, local counsel is hired to prepare for the unexpected.

Based on this background, Condon Law Firm takes the following approach to local counsel representation:

  • availability and responsiveness;
  • knowledge of the courts and knowledge to find answers that are immediately known;
  • organization

What you will find with Condon Law Firm is that Wisconsin Local Counsel Representation can be configured as you and the client desire.  If you want a place-holder to act behind-the-scenes (like a second chair), you won’t be disappointed.  If you need active involvement in litigating, preparing and advocating a position, Condon Law Firm is ready to perform.  If you need to hand-off a case, and assurance that the client’s needs will be met, Condon Law Firm is prepared to meet this goal.

Indeed, whether the case be in the Wisconsin federal courts — where Mr. Condon worked as a law clerk — or the state courts, Wisconsin local counsel representation through Condon Law Firm should be your first call.

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