Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance coverage work involves the other side of the coin in terms of insurance, determining whether there is “coverage” for an insurance claim and whether an insurance company must pay a claim.  Insurance coverage work requires review of the insurance policy in place, research into the meaning of policy language and its impact given the facts.  Insurance coverage work also includes protecting the client — sometimes the insurance company and sometimes the person seeking coverage (i.e. the insured) — in taking steps based on the policy and applicable law.

Over the course of 17 years of practice, Jacques Condon has been hired by insurance companies and individuals to provide:

Examples of past work includes:

  •  coverage analysis including the drafting of coverage opinions
  • opinions as to Wisconsin law related to a reservation of rights
  • defense to insurance carriers against claims of coverage under the insurance policies
  • representation to individuals/companies seeking coverage on issues ranging from construction defects to latent defects
  • defense to a carrier going through rehabilitation and liquidation proceedings
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