Business Law

The Condon Law Firm’s business law practice is focused on its individual, core client services. Examples of its business law work including drafting, negotiating and closing contracts for businesses and working professionals. Other categories of work are linked below. So what makes the Condon Law Firm’s business law practice different? Approach and background. For instance, the firm’s background — litigation-based problem solving — separates it from the law firm that only does business law or compartmentalizes practice areas. The Condon Law Firm does not compete with these firms — many of whom are a top referral source — but rather strives to take a different, synergistic approach. If the goal is keeping everyone “on the same page” and avoiding future disputes, it helps to have a legal professional that has handled these disputes. This is why, for the law firm’s core clients, the Condon Law Firm provides multiple legal services and value through its business law practice.

Document Drafting

Consulting / Document drafting involves two steps: defining goals and drafting to meet those goals. The Condon Law Firm’s legal practice is well-versed in both. The background of the Condon Law Firm includes years of defining both its style and approach.

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General Counsel

In-house legal professionals and small to mid-size business have used the firm as “general counsel”, providing guidance on the law, best practices, legal issues, and a sounding-board for developing business strategy. Regardless of the form or function, the business goal is the same

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Non Compete Agreements

Do you have a non compete agreement? Having trouble with an employee? Do you feel you are alone, on an island? Past clients have felt the same way, and that’s why they need the help of a legal professional. This is where the Condon Law Firm can help.

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Municipal / Government Law

Whether you need to present a project to a municipality, common-council, or planning commission, or need behind-the-scenes discussion with local government officials, this is where you could use the legal services of the Condon Law Firm.

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Sports Law

What it takes to effectively represent clients in sports law is a wide-range of experience in multiple areas, ranging from labor to contract to industry specific regulations such as antitrust laws and intellectual property.  These areas are where the Condon Law Firm comes in.

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Equine Law

What does it take to be a Equine Law attorney? The Condon Law Firm is the Wisconsin equine attorney to consult if you have a horse-issue as, when it comes to Wisconsin Equine Law, the firm knows the horse-related terminology and works with the client on resolution.

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