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Do you have a need for business consulting?  Are you contemplating a new business startup or part of an established company with transition concerns? What are the obstacles that the company faces? What are company goals? These are the questions that companies ask, and they are the same questions the Condon Law Firm helps answer.

Perhaps the best example of business consulting was where an individual client with a sales-background desired to start a new business without burning bridges with his current employer. The client contacted the law firm to find out what he should or should not do, and there was discussion about the right-way and wrong-way to handle the transition. Over the course of the coming weeks and months, the client continued to work with the firm, behind-the-scenes, in developing what was needed for the business. In this particular context, it involved using other business professionals, with a goal toward future growth. When it came time for the departure, the client and his employer had a real, face-to-face discussion, without involving lawyers and without raising voices. The transition went well. While the two are “competitors” in the marketplace, it was handled the right way.

This is one example. Not every transition goes as well, but the point is the same: the Condon Law Firm should be an early call, not late. As in the example above, knowing rights, options and strategies is an investment in your company, your people, and your family.

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