Construction And Real Estate Disputes

Construction and real estate disputes can come in many different shapes and sizes and Condon Law Firm can help you with any problems that may arise.  Construction and real estate attorney representation in Wisconsin takes on many forms, and is where the counsel of the Condon Law Firm can help. Think of construction as a linear process. It begins with an idea and ends with a build. Years later, problems can manifest themselves in the final build. Or perhaps there are no problems, but a dispute arises as to the sale, misrepresentations by one of the parties, or a failure to meet expectations. Regardless of the issue, the Condon Law Firm is skilled in handling and acting as your construction and real estate attorney. Examples of past work includes:

  • handling all aspects of construction-based disputes, from investigation to pleading to resolution;
  • representing clients in cases ranging from complex multi-million dollar condominium cases to single home construction, working on behalf of owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers;
  •  researching and advocating for clients that are involved in disputes involving theft-by-contract, misrepresentation or negligence

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