General Legal Counsel

Condon Law Firm has been used by in-house legal professionals and small to mid-sized businesses as “general legal counsel.”  Providing guidance on the law, legal issues, and a sounding-board for developing business strategy.

Historically, the “general counsel” position was relegated to administrative tasks, with outside private practice lawyers handling the more complex legal work. The model has changed for large, prominent companies, but the need for outside counsel has not. This is where the Condon Law Firm is of service.

The Condon Law Firm’s role may vary from handling an immediate crisis, to representing clients in a commercial litigation dispute, or general advice on business.

Regardless of the form or function, the business goal is the same: provide legal advice that is in the best interests as an advocate of the business and client.  Examples of past work include:

  • representing large, out-of-state companies in resolving an in-state contract dispute
  • advising a client on a contract dispute which included the drafting of documents to better position the client in the future
  • crisis management in a labor dispute that involved the local union and labor negotiations
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