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While the work of the Condon Law Firm, LLC can be categorized or sub-categorized into business law and civil litigation, not every problem can be categorized and the client — non-lawyer or lawyer — doesn’t care about the label. This is why the firm created a third description for its business: problem solving. Indeed, the job is more than a category, the goal of Condon Law Firm always has been client problem solving, and when a client needs a problem solved, that’s why they contact the Condon Law Firm.

So what does problem solving mean? It means defining the actual problem (whether ill-defined or well-defined), understanding the perspective associated with the problem, developing the appropriate solution, and the law firm handling problems that cross-over categories or may be difficult to lump into a single issue. Rather than compartmentalize, problem solving is meant to rationalize. Examples of the Condon Law Firm’s problem-solving work include dissecting thorny-contract disputes, working through partner-disagreements, handling a contentious employment matter, or proceeding on a track to avoid full-blown litigation.

Moreover, problem solving means Condon Law Firm views its job from two perspectives. The first perspective defines the problem. The ill-defined problem may not have a clear goal or solution path, while the well-defined goal may require defining the expected solutions. Defining the problem is the initial, most-important step to understanding case strategy and options. The second perspective defines the solution. Not all problems are created equal. Not all problems are resolved on the same timeline. Not all problems are handled the same way. Solving a problem involves logic and interpretation. Defining a problem may require abstract thinking in developing a creative solution. Defining the solution is the last step in effectively communicating between the law firm and the client.

So what does problem solving mean in terms of the firm’s work? It means that Condon Law Firm is built within its core competencies as a problem-solving firm. Putting the firm’s experience, exposure and background to work for the client is the goal and the expectation of the firm and its clients. “Problem-solving” means the firm finding a cost-effective solution to problems, large and small, in a structured and partner-based relationship. Problem solving means working as a partner in providing legal counsel in defining the problem and the solution.

In other words, problem solving means that if you have a problem, large or small, that needs legal counsel, your first solution is simple: begin by contacting the Condon Law Firm.

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